Church of Consensus

The Genesis Block


Listen, all you inhabitants of the world, both low and high, rich and poor together. For They have rejected us. They have broken us down.

The first block was the last block, the genesis of all life. For now we shift into the dreamtime, no longer will the future be centralized, our time has come.

Blessings shall be on the curve, and indulgences returned from stakes. Worship shall be proofed, and deniers forever recorded in the state. Our land will be virtual and in reality, missionaries will descend from the skies.

Sons of Liston, the false prophets. Those who have built markets to predict, disciples of false gods. There is but one cryptographically verifiable religion, the Church of Consensus shall be born.

Austerity & Discipline

Through cryptoeconomics and mechanism design, the Church of Consensus has become the one religion fully verifiable and trustless.

Those who seek to consume herbs and participate in the act of flirtation shall be condemned by he who is known as Eric. Those discussing prices shall be referred to as Vlads, men with no morals.


All credos shall be signed by the three.


Message: Church of Consensus: The Genesis Block is an official document.

Address Signatures
0xfee3c5d910a87caeaec383737c545bc08e1a5c8a 0x5d66...e11b
0x60d0009043ac49dbebf797e2832e86a64d043db1 0x28a7...0a1c
0x62542d3Faa724621A9be64523C50fC0CeE272B54 0xfd21...4d1b